Investment Advisory

As in the investment management business, Tetrad Capital Partners pursues investment advisory in a distinct way, leveraging its multidisciplinary skills and global perspective.

Tetrad Capital Partners’ brings to bear several critical elements including:

  • Highly sophisticated expertise having worked with some of the world’s most demanding clients
  • Truly independent advice unencumbered by corporate requirements which often lead to conflicts of interest between what is right for the client and what is right for the firm
  • Unique offering of services not available elsewhere
  • Broad perspective, whether by geography, asset class or type of client
  • Expertise in both bottom up investing and top down strategy – a set of skills that are typically siloed across the investment landscape and rarely resident in a combined manner in one firm to any meaningful extent

The firm works in close partnership with its clients including high net-worth families, institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds on issues of investment strategy and portfolio optimization, with such portfolios typically including control and non-control, public and private, direct and indirect holdings. The firm is also active in special situations as it pertains to resolution of issues amongst shareholders, separation of assets or other matters requiring a sophisticated solution and much discretion.

Our Focus