Investment Management

Tetrad Capital Partners approaches investment management in a differentiated way by carefully analyzing and subsequently devising means of benefiting from the dynamics at work in various investment landscapes around the globe.

In effect the firm pursues opportunities at the two ends of the spectrum:

  • A highly integrated and optimized offering
  • Bespoke vehicles with specific investment themes and compelling risk/return potential

Tetrad Capital Partners’ strategy is borne from the view that in light of an increasingly mature investment industry many markets, both in the US and elsewhere, have become highly efficient due to competition amongst skilled investors, intermediaries incented to maximize this competitive dynamic, companies and other principals pursuing open and transparent processes, and an environment where there is broad availability of information and expertise. As such the firm’s strategy is predicated on either partnering with the best of existing market participants in established markets or seeking to develop specialized vehicles in areas where competition is still muted.

In majority of situations Tetrad Capital Partners pursues, it does so in partnership with firms or teams, always selecting those which are thoughtful, experienced and well-connected, and whose attributes are complementary to, and values are consistent with, that of Tetrad Capital Partners’.

Our Focus